Cim (on the left) and Tessa (on the right) developed the Booklamp together, which Tessa designed 10 years ago, further to what it is today. Next to being very good friends, they accompany each other in their talents and ways of thinking.

Tessa Kuyvenhoven is a very talented interior/product designer, graduated at the Royal Academy of Arts in 2004. Her designs are simple, yet characteristic and made with natural or raw materials, crafted with care and with attention to detail. The designs should give to everyday life a richer experience. In 2006 she founded Studio Intussen. Studio Intussen develops projects and designs for companies and individuals.

Member of the Association of Dutch Designers [Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers] since 2007.

 Cim Froeling has love for good products/concepts and branding the ones that deserve it. From building her own store to create concepts for brands.She does it with her heart and a lot of creative thinking.


The Booklamp is made possible by a successful Kickstarter Campaign.
We are very proud we made it and are working hard to continue our dream.

We are designing and developing new Booklamp prototypes.

So stay tuned!